Cavaliers Print - InmanDog rescue is dear to my heart and always has been.  We are never far away from rescue, and would always try to help a dog in need.  My speciality, if you like, is whelping pregnant bitches and rearing puppies.  If anyone needs advice it’s free, and if I can help in any way I will try to do so.  The dogs always come first! For our page showing dogs in need of homes, CLICK HERE

We have a great emotional bond with our pets, particularly rescued dogs.  We like to see them eat, especially if they have had a traumatic history and we can inadvertently spoil them by offering them too much food or by adding tasty morsels to get them to eat more.

Rescue organisations who wish to feed their dogs on Burns Dog Food, will be entitled to a special discount from Heronbank, depending on the quantity they buy.