Successfully Rehomed Dogs


Thousands of unwanted dogs are put to sleep unnecessarily each year. Some of the lucky ones are cared for in rescues whilst they await a new home.

These are some of the dogs we have personally helped in the past to rescue and find new homes





Miles, a 7 year old blenheim came to us needing neutering, vaccination et cetera.  

He is now happily settled in his new home.  



Milo and Poppy came into us with lots of veterinary issues but after two courses of vaccinations, one spay, two dentals, hip x-rays et cetera they were fit enough to go to their new home in Scotland.



Pebbles is a delightful two and a half year old tricolour girl who was found with her owner who was sadly deceased.

She is neutered, chipped and vaccinated, her booster was due, she has been flea and worm treated. Her heart is sound.

She travels well and loves humans, other dogs and cats.

She loves her food and is a big, bouncy cavalier but is not fat.

Understandably she has anxiety issues which we are working on but she is responding well.

Pebbles went very happily to her new home.


IMG_4396Crystal is 10 years old. She was an ex breeding bitch for a puppy farm. She was rescued from there four years ago by a gentleman who sadly has now died. His carer sought help for her through Heronbank. I would have been surprised to find no health issues.
She is a very portly lady weighing in at 13.8 kg who has had too many treats and not enough exercise. I can totally appreciate why Crystal’s owner over compensated for her previous bad experience on the puppy farm but she has to go on a diet for her health’s sake.
She has a slight heart murmur which our vet would grade as a 2 out of 5 which does not require medication at this stage. Once she has lost some weight and started to exercise more her heart murmur should improve somewhat.
She also has a luxating patella on her right rear leg which will need surgery to give her more mobility so she can enjoy her last few years.  The surgery will cost £1000 – money which we do not have, therefore we are asking for donations using the donate button on this page.  For the moment she is on painkillers, diet and exercise and her progress will be reviewed week by week.
She has been wormed and flea treated, although in fairness no fleas were found on her.
Sadly it was discovered that Crystal had a chronic bladder problem which did not respond to antibiotics so sadly Crystal had to be euthanised.

Rosie1Rosie3Rosie’s owner sadly died. She was his constant companion all her life and finds it difficult to be separated from people, even in the next room. She is a Pedigree 9 year old neutered ruby Cavalier whose tail never stops wagging! Rosie is absolutely fine with cats. She has been checked over by a vet who says although she has a slight heart murmur she doesn’t need any medications at this time. She will be having a dental and losing some weight.

Rosie has been adopted by the family of a client who has had cavaliers from us before.

Gizmo2Pedigree Tricolour Cavalier, Mr Darcy, came into Rescue.

He was six and a half years old but ran around like a puppy!

He was neutered and micro-chipped.

Sadly he had been neglected and had a bad flea rash which was treated.

He was checked over at the vets and received long overdue dental treatment, and vaccinations.

He also needed flea and worming treatment.

Amazingly his heart was clear.

Mr Darcy went to a lovely home with a very nice family.



Toby1Toby2Toby is one of Honey’s puppies.

He is a little over 8 months old.

Due to a relationship breakdown, he needed a new home.

He is up to date with all his jabs, worming and flea treatments and is a much loved pet.

He is lead trained and is a very sociable puppy.

Toby has now trotted happily off to his new home.





In early 2014, Chester came to us at 9 years old with a moderate heart murmur and needing dental work, which we had done for him.

We also got him some homoeopathic treatment for his heart and found him a lovely new home just south of York.

chester1Chester’s new owner was devastated to have to part with him after a few months but she was offered a bungalow for the disabled, which she couldn’t turn down, but it meant she could not take her animals.

We found Chester a new retirement home in Leeds where he can live out his days in peace.

He is settling in very well!


Sweet little Marley came to us in 2014, following the sad death of his owner. He had been kept in a crate pretty well 24/7 since then and we were told he didn’t like other dogs! He was a very fussy, friendly little boy who just adores human company and was ecstatic to meet other cavaliers! At 3 years old he had a slight heart murmur which does not need medication at the moment. He is now castrated, chipped, deflea’d and wormed and is vaccinated. His weight is about right at the moment but should not be allowed to increase.

Here is a video of Marley meeting the rest of our pack.

Marley has been adopted by clients of ours who had one of Cyda’s puppies and he is now living with a wonderful family in South Shields. Coco (as he is now called) and Barney are getting on like a house on fire. They have been getting out and about.

Here are some pics.

coco1acoco1a and barney by the sea.


scamp on settee

In 2011, Scamp came to us at 12 years old with a slight heart murmur but remarkably fit for his age. His owners were relocating to Australia and it was felt that the upheaval would not be good for Scamp.

Our grateful thanks go to Scamp’s previous owners who left a “Scamp Fund” to pay for any medical expenses which he needed. We had some dental work done on him, got some excellent homoeopathic treatment for his heart, and found him a wonderful new home in Sutton Coldfield. We get regular updates from his present owners, which we pass on to his first owners.


scamp - asleep in shopHere is his latest update …

I just thought you would like to know that Scamp enjoyed his 14th birthday on Saturday.  I can’t believe that we have almost had him 2 years now.  He is still (touch wood) in very good health for his age.  We had a lovely walk in our local park this morning in the sunshine and now he is, as usual, snoozing away in his basket here at the shop.
He enjoyed a holiday in the South of France earlier in the year and we are hoping to take him again when we go in October.  He proved to be an excellent traveller and especially loved the novelty of being allowed in cafes and restaurants!
We are probably on bonus time with him but we have our fingers crossed it will continue for as long as possible.  He has brought a lot of joy to our life.
Sadly Scamp died at just over 16 years old and was fortunate to be loved by both his owners.



coco and mollyIn 2013, we were made aware of Coco’s plight. Coco, the chocolate labrador was under a year old. She had been kept for the first six months of her life in the bath in a flat. A lady then took her, but found she had a damaged elbow and would be unable to keep up with their active lifestyle. Her only option was euthanasia. We felt that Coco should be given a chance. We are grateful to our professional dog walker, Kate Greenall of Step in who fostered Coco for us.

We had her assessed by our vet and as the prognosis was guardedly optimistic we got her homoeopathic medication which has greatly improved her elbow. She no longer limps, is able to exercise, but best of all she found a wonderful home near Huddersfield. She continues to thrive.Her new owner was so impressed by the homoeopathic medication, that he got some for his other elderly bitch who has Cushings disease.

Please see our contact page for our address for donations.  Alternatively use the Paypal Donate button on the right hand side of this page which is dedicated solely towards the funding of rescued animals in our care.

Thank you for supporting rescued animals in this way. We really do appreciate your support.


Buster came into rescue yesterday afternoon. He has been vetchecked. He has a slight heart murmur but does not need treatment at present and for an 8 year old cavalier is good. He has an itch in his left ear for which we have drops and he has started his vaccination course.

We were not sure whether Buster was good with cats or not, so we introduced him to our bomb proof grey boy whisper and each turned away from the other which is exactly what we were looking for.

Buster is now going to his new home.