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Pixie Rescued – Thursday 18th March 2021
By Anne and John Fairless
Anne Mobile 07724 241523 – John Mobile 07724 241522
Heronbank Cavalier Rescue – Batley West Yorkshire

There are no typical days at our rescue, every day is different! When Anne received a phone call asking if they took in rescues, she answered, that they did and that has led her on a journey to Rescue Pixie a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles, young lady aged between 4 and 5 years old. No paperwork.
Her Story is a very sad one. We cannot change the world but we can change a dog’s world!
Before we got Pixie we knew very little about her. We had been told that she was a yapper (barking), and had had 2 homes in the last 3 weeks. We were also told that prior to the last 3 weeks, she was kept in a crate and only allowed out to relieve herself. Being in a confined space such as a crate from being a puppy could lead to her hind muscles not developing correctly.
Anne could see the fear in her eyes when she went to pick her up. Pixie was so frightened and uttered not a sound. She had lost her doggie voice.
This little dog had been through so much, and with no paperwork as often it happens, no record of care and vaccinations, operations.
One can only begin to imagine what it must be like to be passed around and not loved even when she was a puppy and now she didn’t know what was happening yet again!

Pixie found that she was to land on her paws, with Anne and John as they love every doggie they take into their rescue family!

For the first few days Pixie was so very quiet, Anne and John’s family Cavalier’s Honey and Hettie, befriended Pixie. Their cat, Whisper, looked on with amusement.
Slowly Pixie found her bark and her voice again. As dogs talk to each other by barking…. it’s lovely to see them interacting when out walking with them.
She is growing in confidence, and the love and care she has received has seen her blossom.

Anne and John always take their new rescue doggies to see their vet. He’s known as Uncle Andrew at Donaldsons vets in Mirfield, and the dogs love him, he has a way of putting them at ease.
5 days later on 23th of March 2021, when Andrew examined Pixie it became quite apparent, that Pixie’s legs had not grown in the right way. (maybe because of living in a crate most of the day from being a puppy until full grown and years of incarceration).
Some of her teeth needed extracting, and he would take x-rays whilst she was under the anaesthetic, with a plan for her to return to full health in time.
Friday 26th of March, and its operation day for Pixie with hope in our hearts that the surgery will go well and the x rays will show a plan of how we move forward with her care back to health and then towards adoption into her forever home.

Andrew our vet called and said that the dental work went quite well and he has removed 10 of the smaller teeth that were loose, the rest have been scaled and polished.
Her ears have been cleaned, she had quite a build up of wax in them and they can be flushed out another time if needed when she has further surgery.
Her knee and hip joints are really bad , but the knee can be operated on and Andrew recommends a three month course of rehab after the operation at their dedicated centre following surgery. This will include underwater treadmill work, and exercises to do at home to strengthen the muscles around the hips and knees.
One day her Luxating Patella will be healed and a thing of the past.
He says he can improve the knee situation considerably, but without working on the hips, she would not benefit from it.

Saturday 27th of March, Pixie is very settled, has had a good night, and eaten some doggie chews with her doggie friends and is barking as normal.
Andrew our vet will operate on Pixie within a week or two.

Fundraising for the surgery and vets fees plus rehabilitation is urgently required and we have a target of £2500 to hit to change Pixie’s quality of life, she is young, her heart is strong and she now trusts us humans to help her, it’s been quite a journey since the 18th of March 2021 when we got her, but she is thriving with love and care and with surgery she can reach her full potential of being out of pain and walking and playing for the rest of her beautiful life.

Pixie, we are going to do everything we can to help you get better and find your forever home.

Every donation raised goes straight to Pixies surgery and vets fees.


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