Dog Rescue

Cavaliers Print - InmanDog rescue is dear to my heart and always has been.

We are never far away from rescue, and would always try to help an animal in need.  

It was our practice to give 10% of the profits from Heronbank to help animals who are not as fortunate as our own, that come to us through rescue.


Here’s a short video which I found recently of part of a litter which were abandoned which I successfully hand-reared.

Nick at Urbanhaze kindly made the video into a DVD for me.  Sound on for commentary!


If anyone needs advice it’s free, and if I can help in any way I will try to do so.

The dogs always come first!


For our page showing dogs in need of homes, CLICK HERE


We have a great emotional bond with our pets, particularly rescued dogs.

We like to see them eat, especially if they have had a traumatic history and we can inadvertently spoil them by offering them too much food or by adding tasty morsels to get them to eat more.



Alfie & FinHand in hand with Dog Rescue goes Rehabilitation.  Some dogs who have been abused or neglected can lose their trust in humans or become aggressive around food, humans or other dogs. They can develop behavioural problems which need to be addressed in order for them to become a good pet again.

Some behavioural problems can be easily solved by feeding the right dog food, and dramatic results can often be seen in 2 – 3 weeks.

There is a growing recognition that bad behaviour is linked to incorrect diet.  This is true for pets as well as children.  It is likely that many cases of abnormal behaviour are caused by undiagnosed allergy or intolerance to food ingredients.


Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

The Rescue and Rehabilitation of British Wildlife is also very important to us.

John and I support several Wildlife Charities, both local and national.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation

Welcome to Wildlife AidThe Rescue and Rehabilitation of British Wildlife is also very important to us.  John and I support Wildlife Aid, based in Surrey.  Wildlife Aid was formed 30 years ago to rescue, care for, and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals.  At the time of its formation Wildlife Aid was seen as a purely local charity with a local remit, rescuing a few hundred animals.  But what began as a back-garden hobby for founder Simon Cowell has now developed into one of the UK’s largest wildlife charities, dealing with more than 20,000 wildlife emergencies every year.

One thing they have learned in all the past three decades is that saving the lives of sick and injured wild animals is only one part of a bigger mission for Wildlife Aid.

Equally important is the need to educate people about the plight of Britain’s wildlife, and to encourage compassion for animals and respect for nature.  But to take on this wider mission and remit they realised that they needed to restructure the charity and amend their original charitable objectives to reflect everything that they currently do and that they aspire to do in the future.  That is why, with effect from April 2011, Wildlife Aid became The Wildlife Aid Foundation, with a new charity number (Registered Charity No. 1138944) and broader aims and objectives.

 Farplace Animal Rescue

We also support Farplace Animal Rescue.  

Jan used to be my right arm in our days of puppy rescue, and she is now in charge of animal care at Farplace.

Farplace rescues not only wildlife who need their help, but also domestic and farmyard animals.  Farplace is situated in an idyllic setting on the south-facing slopes of Weardale.

Farplace is a registered charity (Charity number1126812) in the UK specialising in 2 key areas of work: –

  1. Animal welfare and rescue of animals, including many animals others turn away
  2. Environmental protection, habitat creation and development

As they do not have kennels, they are very limited in the number of dogs they can take in.  In most cases, the dogs in question are still in their current home or foster home and potential adoptees can be put in touch with the carer.  Farplace can often help with other animals, both domestic and wild and have many animals available for adoption, including cats, rabbits and ferrets.

Farplace is also the home of St.Strompus Hospice for Sick Cats – a haven for feral cats who are FIV positive.  FIV should not mean an automatic death sentence and they have established this hospice in one of their existing buildings to enable these cats to receive optimum care.

Trust funding has recently allowed Farplace to purchase an area of nearby woodland.  This enables them to protect wild habitat for foxes, badgers, roe deer and there is evidence that red squirrels might also live there.  There is a boggy area which can be dug out and extended.  Also it is the perfect area for wildlife release.


Step In Pets and Livestock Services

Working and owning a dog can present its’ own problems.  One solution is to get a Professional Dog Walker in to walk your dogs whilst you are out.

step in

Step in

STEP-IN  Pets and Livestock Services was established in 2001 by Kate Greenall after many years of wanting her own business.  Having had a lifetime experience of farm animals and pets it seemed the logical step forward.

Based in Huddersfield, but covering the whole of Yorkshire, “Step In” is an organisation I can highly recommend through personal experience.  They are reliable and trustworthy, and I never hesitate to call on their services.

A link to “Step  In” can be found in our Links to the right of this page.


Caring for our pet waste: The Dog Janitors 

It’s something we all have to think about.  Dealing effectively with pet waste can become a problem when you are working, if you become ill or when you are elderly.  One extremely good way of dealing with the problem is to enlist the help of  

Based in West Yorkshire, The Dog Janitors are:






The working area and garden are left clean and sweet smelling and the gates are secured

All pet waste is removed


Pet Bereavement Counselling

When a well loved family member dies, the loss to us can be very great and leave a big hole in our lives.  We may need help in coming to terms with this. This is also true for us, when we lose a much loved pet.

Based in South Yorkshire, Janet Gibson is a qualified therapeutic counsellor who’s work is accredited by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Janet offers a pet bereavement counselling service to those who require it and here is a downloadable Pet Bereavement Counselling  leaflet available which may be of help to you.



Chris - MungoPlease feel free to visit our Remembrances Page and leave your own comments about your beloved pets who have passed on.

Christian Goddard is a local artist who produces some fantastic pencil sketches of pets which seem to catch the very essence of his subject.

His works can be a gift to a loved one or a very fitting memorial to a much loved pet who has passed.

His pencil sketches are affordably priced from £25.00.

SketchAPet Leaflet

Contact Chris for further details – His e-mail address and phone number are in the above downloadable leaflet.