Watching your dog itch and scratch themself is a very unpleasant experience, especially when you are not sure why your dog is scratching and what to do about it.  I know this only too well since rescuing Fin.

Why your dog is scratching.

Quite often the itching and scratching is down to an allergic reaction, such a hayfever. Allergic reactions cause the release of histamines. Where as histamines normally affect humans in their eyes and nose in dogs histamines are generally released into the skin.

The histamines in the skin cause your dog to scratch. The scratching causes damage to the skin and coat and discomfort to the dog.

What you can do.

Bionic Biotic is a natural supplement that is added to a dog’s regular food, just a teaspoon or 2 per day. Bionic Biotic works in a variety of ways to help dogs with allergies:

– Bionic Biotic’s powerful, natural ingredients include omegas 3 & 6, soya oil, organic zinc and biotin. All of these combine to help promote healthy and coat. Keeping the skin healthy means that your dog will be less itchy – in fact Pooch & Mutt guarantees that Bionic Biotic will stop your dog scratching in 3 weeks, or you get your money back. If you dog has already scratched or chewed its skin away, then Bionic Biotic will help it grow back. Biotin is a commonly used nutraceutical in human and equine supplements, but is not found in any other widely-available canine supplements.

– The probiotic in Bionic Biotic helps your dog’s immunity and their ability to deal with toxins in the body – one way of describing an allergy is your body thinking that something non-toxic, such as grass pollen, is toxic. The allergic reaction is your body fighting the toxin.

– Bionic Biotic also contains Methionine. Methionine, as well as being a good source of sulphur (which helps promote healthy skin and coat), also helps to control a dog’s release of histamine, which causes the classic symptoms of allergic reactions.

Sounds too good to be true?  Actually I am using this on Fin – and it works!  My other spaniels have recently begun scratching too, and having ruled out the obvious, ear mites and fleas, I am now adding Bionic Biotics to everyone’s dinner – dry – and they love it!

probiotic for dogsBionic Biotic:

– Recommended by vets and nutritionists
– Money Back guarantee
– Add to your dog’s regular food
– Wheat free
– All natural
– Suitable for all dogs