In the autumn, a lot of motorists will be putting anti-freeze into their cars.  Please make sure any spills are cleaned up thoroughly.  The liquid tastes sweet but it can be highly dangerous. If it is spilt on the ground it can attract animals who will try to lick it up.  This can result in the unwitting poisoning of pets.  Just three or four licks of anti-freeze can kill a dog or cat.

It is a very common problem too for wild animals who often die this way.

Humans are at risk too. Ingesting just 10ml of this liquid can kill a child. Even a single sip of anti-freeze by a child is all it takes to cause horrific ulceration of the mouth, and any more than that is potentially extremely dangerous, and often fatal.

“It really is not worth taking a risk like that. If you spill any anti-freeze, or see any spilt around your garage, driveway or garden, please make sure it is cleaned up straight away.”

…  Anne