There are numerous potential dangers lurking in and around the home for dogs and puppies.

In the bad old days, when most households used to have several smokers, there were cases of dogs suffering from nicotine poisoning through eating the contents of ashtrays.

Other dangers include nails, tacks, pins, and other sharp objects, plastic bags, electrical cords or wires, even telephone cables can give a nasty shock.

Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate is extremely poisonous to a dog.

Household products can prove fatal if ingested. Boric acid, acetone, soaps, detergents, insecticides, cleansing agents, bleach, polishes, disinfectants, health and beauty aids …

And in the garage rat poison, antifreeze, paint and varnish removers, de-icers, turpentine, the list is endless.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Keep all potentially dangerous objects out of the reach of dogs.

…  Anne