Update on Cynders and Magic from their new owner

Cynders and Magic are doing well.
 they had their jabs and micro chips done friday and you would of thought someone was killing Magic. He was one very unhappy puppy.
They are now back to normal. They do their toilet the majority of the time on the puppy mats or outside. Shannon has been lead training them in the garden. Magic is doing well and Cynders is not to sure but is getting the hang of it.  They have been to school and met lots of children (not on the ground of course)
They are brushed most days and Cynders loves it.  Magic still tries to eat the brushes but he is getting there. (two minutes each)
I went up stairs the other day and when I came out of my room I was greeted by Cynders who had decided to tackle the stairs. I was not quick enough … I had only gone to hang a new dress in the wardrobe.
I still have not found the computer lead … only a few more boxes left.
They are due to start puppy classes soon. They are held at the vets every Tuesday … Should be fun.