We have sent our choice of names into the Kennel Club for Cyda’s puppies.  Two names are needed for each puppy.

The two Boys:

Ruby:  Heronbank Easter Al Fresco or H. Easter Alfresco known as Little Alfie.  Alfie is trying hard to suppress a yawn!

Black & Tan:  H. Easter Magician or H. Easter Glory, known as Magic.

The Ruby Girls:  These two puppies are virtually indistinguishable from each other.

H Easter Dawn or H Easter Sunrise, to be known as Dawnie, and

H Easter Delight or H Easter Gift to be known as Deli

The Black & Tan Girls:

Left:  H Easter Lily or H Easter Happiness to be known as Lily

Right:  H Easter Jewel or H Easter Gem, to be known as Jewel.

These puppies will be available from early June to approved homes.

Contact us for details.

…  Anne