Cyda’s pregnancy is now approaching 8 weeks.  Her babies have dropped down from under her ribs to her belly, giving her more of the “football tummy” associated with pregnancy.  

The babies are certainly kicking well.  That’s a good sign in more ways than one – obviously they’re alive, but more importantly in some ways, it means they are not ready to be born just yet.  Sunday 20th February is the critical day – much earlier than that and the puppies may be too premature to survive. 

Cyda has started nesting – just a little, here and there. This can go on for a week or so, and hasn’t yet progressed to the frantic digging and bedmaking associated with whelping so i’m not too concerned.

I have noticed that Cyda’s backbone is protruding very slightly – an indication that (in common with a lot of first time mums) she is giving most of her nourishment to her unborn babies.  That being the case, I have increased her food intake by 1 meal a day.  As my dogs have Burns Fish and Maize available to them 24/7, I am giving her a tasty meaty meal as an extra.  This has to be fed to Cyda seperately from Fin as he is allergic to so many ingredients in dog and cat food – and he is very food motivated!

…  Anne