Cyda Rushed to the Vet



An emergency arose last night.

Cyda had a bout of runny poo which was reddish brown – I gave her an antacid tablet from the Vet and waited.  We didn’t have to wait long – her next poo was like watered down blood and very runny.

Pausing only to put the other cavaliers in the Dog Room and Spirit in the kitchen, we scooped Cyda up and took her to our Emergency Vet, Donaldson & Partners in Almondsbury, Huddersfield.

Thank goodness for Insurance!!!  An £80 call out fee plus treatment.



Apparently the problem stemmed from her taking Metacam, an anti-inflammatory, given by our vet, for her leg following a Luxating Patella operation which had oddly enough inflamed her stomach.

This can lead to a perforated bowel, so I’m pleased we rushed her to our Vet.  She had an antibiotic injection and some Sinulox tablets to complete the course at home.

She had another episode late last night but has been clean overnight and seems much improved this morning.

Paws crossed that no real damage has been done.

…  Anne