Toby 3


I know that it’s a bit early to tell, but Cyda was mated 8/9th February to Toby, and I’m as sure as I can be that she’s pregnant. She’s quite clingy and rests a lot “Pregnant Spaniels must Rest!” – then the next minute she leaps onto the window sill to bark as a passing dog!

If I’m right (and there’s no scientific evidence at the moment) then her pups will be born on or around Easter weekend 8/9th April.

I always base a cavalier pregnancy on 8 weeks and 5 days from mating, but it can be a couple of days either side.

So then Cyda will have the dog room to herself and her babies, and Fin and Skully will be either in the kitchen or the hall.  Wonder what Skully will make of her new brothers and sisters!

We’ve ordered some new dog gates for the doorways off the kitchen, and the dog room is all tiled, so all is prepared.

The Puppycam is in-situ and we can’t wait!!!  Hard work it may be but I just love having puppies.  We are hopefully having friends over from Mass. USA to stay in mid May and my friend said that she was looking forward to cuddling them and playing with them too.  I’d better count them before she goes home!

…  Anne