Cyda is eating really well at the moment.  For each 2 puppies she needs an extra meal, then one for herself.

So 6 puppies divided by 2 = 3 + 1 = 4 meals.  I have been giving her extra protein – mince, chicken, cheese and eggs and milk, but she has diarrhoea at the moment – not by any means unusual after whelping, so I’m cutting back on the protein and soaking some Burn’s Fish and Rice for her.  The reason I’m not feeding it dry is that she needs to produce as much milk as the puppies need.  To do this she has to drink and although there is water in her pen, she rarely leaves her puppies, and when she does, she gets straight back in the box with them.  Giving her soft food replaces some of the liquid she is giving to her babies.  She also loves a mix of honey, dissolved in hot water, with a dash of milk.

You could say she is one devoted mum!

…  Anne