Toby 3


Cyda has come into season again for the second time since her last litter, so we decided to mate her again to Toby.  Toby is the shy sort and doesn’t like being watched!

After a fruitless 2 hours plus at Janet’s, we decided to kidnap Toby and bring him home to do the job.  By yesterday evening, he was decidedly interested in Cyda and eventually they mated, with a tie of 18 minutes.

He chose to sleep in the dog room with the other cavaliers, (most unusual for Toby as he normally shares Janet’s bed due to his separation anxiety).

Following a surprisingly quiet night, I got up to let them out at 5.30am, and by 5.45am we had another tie – this time 27 minutes.  I think he’s got the hang of it now!  I have now had to separate them so I can get my blogs done!!!

If all goes according to plan, their puppies will be due on or around Easter Sunday.  Paws crossed!

…  Anne