Biscuit and cookiehoneyCookie the cat is always hanging out with the dogs, and yesterday Honey was licking his head. Then I saw her tugging at his fur. He just stood there and let her!  When I went over to look, she had cleared the fur away from a small area of his head and a bite wound was visible.  I checked closer and there was another puncture wound below it.  As I felt around it, some puss came out, it had become infected. I removed as much puss as I could and bathed the area. Then I made an appointment for Andrew the vet to see him.

Andrew checked him over and gave him a shot of antibiotics.  Cookie’s head was quite squidgy so Andrew put a needle in to aspirate the infection.  Cookie didn’t like that!  If the swelling and squidgeyness hasn’t gone down by Friday morning, he will have to go in for the area to be opened up under anaesthetic.  Poor Cookie!

…  Anne