In 2013, we were made aware of Coco’s plight. Coco, the chocolate labrador was under a year old. She had been kept for the first six months of her life in the bath in a flat. A lady then took her, but found she had a damaged elbow and would be unable to keep up with their active lifestyle. Her only option was euthanasia. We felt that Coco should be given a chance. We are grateful to our professional dog walker, Kate Greenall of Step in who fostered Coco for us.

We had her assessed by our vet and as the prognosis was guardedly optimistic we got her homoeopathic medication which has greatly improved her elbow. She no longer limps, is able to exercise, but best of all she found a wonderful home near Huddersfield. She continues to thrive.Her new owner was so impressed by the homoeopathic medication, that he got some for his other elderly bitch who has Cushings disease.