Being confronted with a lively pack of puppies, all vying for your attention will melt your heart.  You need to make rational decisions though regarding selecting your new companion for the lifetime of the dog.

Choosing a puppy can be an emotional decision, but decide with your head and not your heart.


Cyda's puppies at 9 weeks old

Cyda’s puppies at 9 weeks old

cross-bred puppy

  • Male or female – If you have any feelings one way or the other, this will narrow your choice.
  • Temperament and Character – Be sure the breed you are choosing suits your lifestyle.  Remember, a cross-bred puppy will exhibit character traits from Both parents.
  • Physical Attributes – Your new puppy should be healthy and active.  Have they been checked by a vet? If you are buying to show, compare the puppy to the breed standard before you buy.

Different puppies from the same litter will display different characteristics (eg lively, shy, playful) but how you train your puppy will influence their future behaviour.