Whilst we were at Farplace Animal Rescue, Wearside, yesterday, we could not help but notice the number of hens, many of whom were rescued from battery farms which were closing.  Unsurprisingly, when they came in, they were in a sorry state, many in need of time in a heated unit before going out to the barn, sporting pullovers, knitted for them by animal lovers.

However, I could not help but notice how good the hens were yesterday, bodyweight, plumage and attitude.  They came running up from their barn to greet us and were obviously very happy hens.  Jan still has some hens and cockerels for adoption, so if you can adopt some as pets, please contact her.  They are laying well, so if you would like to buy some freshly laid eggs, definitely free range, then ask Jan.  Please bring your own egg boxes.

…  Anne