I do know of those who won’t go on holiday unless they can take their dogs with them, and many have joined the Pet Passport system, but occasionally it may be necessary to find a good Boarding Kennel for your dogs.  How do you choose?  Personal recommendation helps, but if you don’t have that, then I would suggest you go to visit one or two near you.  Some may have specific times for visitors, which is fair enough, they have their kennel routine to consider, but do go on a day of your choice without letting the kennel know in advance.  Barking dogs are not a problem as boarders will always be excited when visitors arrive.  However, if your dog is quiet or may be upset by a lot of noise, ask if they have a section for smaller dogs or a quieter block.  Use your nose!  If the kennels smell strongly of dog, as opposed to disinfectant, then the cleanliness of the kennels may not be up to your standards, so you may need to search again.  Check out their security – each block of kennels should have an escape-proof corridor before going into the yard area beyond.  Check whether you can bring our own food, toys, bedding etc. as these will help your dogs to settle.  spraying your dog’s bedding with Adaptil will also help them to settle in.  All dogs must be fully vaccinated before they can go into kennels, and they will need to see your vaccination records.

We use Hillcrest Boarding Kennels in nearby Gomersal, for our cavaliers.  Dawn and Richard and their staff are excellent.  Taking in 4 cavaliers means we have the option to use one of their larger pens (very large in fact) and all the cavaliers can share.  They will do medications and will groom the dogs daily and they even do Fin’s medicated baths, in fact last year they presented Fin to us for our approval, at the end of our holiday and I was delighted!  I couldn’t have done better myself and that is a fact.  They obviously adore the dogs in their care.  The dogs are walked and for ours, this means avoiding grass as Fin is allergic to grass seed, but this too is catered for as they walk our dogs on hard surfaces, away from grass.  I can highly recommend this particular establishment.

step in

Step in

Spirit, on the other hand, is quite difficult to handle as she is afraid of other dogs and will nip them before they nip her.  Kennels would be a nightmare for her.  She has always stayed with our Professional Dog Walker, Kate of Step-In, and gets on, to a point, with her dog, cousin Tasha.  Spirit adores Aunty Kate, and the feeling is mutual.  Spirit travels with Kate on her dog-walking rounds and guards Kate’s vehicle – she won’t even let Kate’s grown-up son near!

Kate walks Spirit’s legs off when we are away and she always comes back leaner and fitter, and very very happy.  Spirit has even learned to text so she can keep in touch with Mum and Dad whilst we are away!  I can highly recommend Step in for Pet Care.

…  Anne