It is always wise to check your dog’s collar for a correct fit and for signs of wear.

cavalier puppies at 9 weeks oldFit because as puppies grow, their collar will need regular adjustment (I would do so at least monthly).  Older dogs too, may put on or lose weight, so the fit of their collar should be checked too.  You should be able to fit 2 fingers comfortably between the dog’s neck and the collar.  Any tighter than that and you will need to adjust the collar – or buy a bigger one.  Embedded collars – where an over-tight collar becomes embedded in the neck of the dog, often in the throat area – are surprisingly common.  Never attempt to pull the collar out of the dog’s neck – you will need to consult a vet. Not only is this condition extremely painful for the dog, but the wound, if left untreated, can become infected, septicaemia can set in and the dog may die.

Wear, because a badly worn collar can snap without notice and you may have then lost your dog.

So for the sake of a few minutes each month, check your dog’s collar.