I found this site yesterday and was impressed by the cost of their larger packs of doggy poop bags.  We all need them, so I thought I’d share it with you.


Here are a few guidelines about cleaning up after your dog.

Always clean up after your dog.

Carry poop  bags with you.

Train your dog to “go” in your garden and clean it up daily.

Don’t rely on rain to wash it away.

Always respect your Local Authority’s rules on dog-free areas.

Never allow your dog out alone to toilet.

Encourage “guilty” owners to conform – offer them a poop-bag.

Remember to wash your hands after your walk.

Dispose of poop bags in poop-bins or litter bins, or take them home with you – Hanging them on trees or leaving them in a corner of the car-park is not acceptable.

Worm your dog regularly.

…  Anne