Charlie and Molly, two Black and Tan siblings, whom I bred and sold 4 years ago, needed foster care for a while. موقع البايير Their owners had sold their house extremely quickly are now staying with relatives.  Our very good friends, Nick and Jo, kindly agreed to take the dogs as temporary additions to their  pack with Rufus and Sox until they have a new home to move into.  Obviously Charlie and Mollie are settling in well.

Nick says:

We’ve had a bit of a waggy tails bonding moment, but as you know, these things take time.  I expect there will be at least one little squabble whilst top male dog is established, but I have already put my paw down firmly as alpha male … Grrrrrrr !

The cooperation of the pack is at least established and they have decided to protect the home Molly took umbridge to somebody walking past outside with a brolly and let out a little bark – to which everyone then joined in!! الرالي

Their owners will be keeping in daily touch with their pets and will be visiting to walk them. الربح من الانترنت في مصر

…  Anne