Fin, looking good

Fin, looking good

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Fin, has certainly suffered more than most dogs by way of his allergies, leading to skin, ear and eye infections, major hair loss and depression.

Having worked hard on him for the last 3 years with excessive bathing, many different tablets and ongoing homoeopathic treatment, skin creams ear and eye drops and more recently Lumie Light Therapy, we are at last seeing a marked improvement.

It’s easy to see his problems, a patch of redness here, an outbreak of infection there, itching – well pretty much all over – but even I have to admit that he actually looks like a cavalier now!



His hair is definitely growing, where there was none before.  The texture of his fur is much softer, less like nylon.  His ears and eyes are improved too – his ears now have wax in them where there was once infection bubbling from them.

His whole demeanour has changed too – he’s always been friendly but is now more outgoing, less afraid that it will hurt when people pet him.  He instigates play with the other dogs now and is not afraid to be jumped on.

I shudder to think what it has cost to get him to this point – we’re talking thousands rather than hundreds of pounds, (his allergies are not covered by insurance) but he’s worth every penny.

He now owes it to himself and to us to completely recover.

He was at the point of being “put to sleep” on more than one occasion but has proved that medical science doesn’t have all the answers.

Long may you enjoy good health, Fin.

…  Anne