Drummer is of excellent pedigree and temperament

He seeks well bred young ladies for

“brief but meaningful relationships”.

Introducing our Stud:

Velvet Drums at Hanaland

aka ”Drummer”.

Living in the hills of Uppermill, Yorkshire, with our friend Nick and his Pack, he is a superb tricolour boy who has already proved himself capable of Stud Work, and is available and more than willing to perform his duties for our clients.  He is eye and heart tested clear.





His temperament is second to none.  He is very friendly and outgoing, gets on well with other dogs and he even likes puppies!  He is responding well to commands and loves his walks alongside the canal where he enjoys meeting people.


Should you wish to avail yourself of his Stud services, please contact Heronbank Cavaliers.

We offer:

  • Advice on the best time for mating your bitch

  • Safe, supervised matings, to provide the right conditions for a successful outcome

  • 24 hour helpline for our clients for advice on whelping and puppy care

  • A “Birth announcement” welcoming your puppies, on our Website

  • We will be happy to refer potential new owners to you

We look forward to meeting you and your cavaliers.

Contact us on 01924 445365

(Head shots of Drummer, courtesy of Nick from Urban Haze)