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Mar 16

Singing Frogs!

There was a snowfall on the top of the mountain where they live whilst we were there and, as the snow melted, a pool formed and frogs gathered for the spring mating.

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Oct 11

Bonfire night dangers for pets and wildlife!

If your pet is noise phobic, you may want to order Zylkene. Adaptil (for dogs) or Feliway (for cats) are also invaluable.

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Nov 04

Thank Goodness the Fireworks are over!

I must say the Zylkene did help Spirit was not as bad as she has been in the past, and apart from a few “woofs” the spaniels were very good. I started the treatment about a month ago and will continue for a few days more.

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Aug 15

Duckling Rescue in Batley

It didn’t take long for the two of us to round them up. Apparently they had “escaped” from a pond around the back.

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Jul 29

Hedgehogs on my doorstep

If you put out peanuts for the birds, you may get hedgehogs!

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Jul 23

Fluffy the Seagull

He is getting quite big now. He eats anything and everything – and then bites the hand that feeds him – literally! Not so cute and fluffy!

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Jul 22

Ducklings rescued during floods

They are being cared for until they can be released back to where they were found, by their rescuers.

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Jun 22

Keep Cats in at Night to Save Wild Birds

The simplest way of making a difference is to keep your pet in at night when the hunting instinct peaks. Restricting night-time activity not only reduces hunting, it might also reduce the incidence of unwanted litters. In turn, this will prevent quite so many domestic cats contributing to the feral population, which poses a greater threat to wildlife.

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May 07

Fund-Raising for Farplace Animal Rescue

Farplace Animal Rescue are always looking for new and innovative ways of raising much-needed funds for the animals in their care. Here are some ideas.

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May 05

The Miracle of Maggie

During the time taken to nurse Maggie back to health, and it was touch and go for a long time, she became so tame that she is sadly unable to be rehabilitated to live a natural life in the wild.

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