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New Webcam in the Puppy Nest

We now have a wifi booster and a new webcam installed inside the puppy nest so you can get right in amongst the babies.

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Developing a Website!

When we wanted to upgrade our website from a very static “this is where we are, this is what we do” website, we turned to the talented Nick Watts from Urbanhaze. He transformed our website into a fully interactive site and made communication with potential clients so easy.

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Website down

I would rather lose my site for a few days, to protect it, than to have it drop off the blogasphere for ever, with no chance of recovery. Many thanks to Nick Watts at Urban Haze for his professionalism in liaising with his Hosts and keeping us informed at every stage.

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Busy afternoon for puppies

Yesterday was a busy afternoon for our puppies. Nick & Jo from Urbanhaze came over to see them.

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New Cavalier Website

Our friends, Andrew and Jan at Hanaland Cavaliers are developing a new website, courtesy of Nick at Urbanhaze.

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New Website

Therapy Room

  Sorry that my posts have been a bit spasmodic of late, however, I’ve been helping my sister with her website, created by Nick at Urbanhaze. Find Janet’s Website Here. Take a look and Enjoy … Let us know what you think … …  Anne

Remembrance Webpage for Your Pets

Just to let you know we now have a Remembrance Webpage dedicated to the Memory of Beloved Animals who have passed on. Please feel free to visit at any time. …  Anne  

Twestival Oldham Auction

Twestival Oldham is raising much needed funds for Oldham Mountain Rescue There are 2 events on Thursday 24 March, Sunlight Twestival and Twestival After Dark Urban Haze, our website designers are holding an online auction of fantastic items in order to raise as much money for the charity as possible, and to open up support from those who …

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Heronbank Website

We are absolutely thrilled with our new website,  Our grateful thanks go to Nick at Urban Haze for his expertise and for setting up the webcam so everyone can share in seeing our puppies live.  Thanks Nick. …Anne

New Heronbank Web Site

Hello, welcome to our brand new web site, we hope you like it, please feel free to have a browse around and please send us any feedback/comments that you have.