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Dec 03

Honey Pregnant!

We will try to get our webcam on for the whelping so you can see the puppies being born as it happens.

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Nov 04

New Webcam in the Puppy Nest

We now have a wifi booster and a new webcam installed inside the puppy nest so you can get right in amongst the babies.

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May 25

Fleur and her babies are now on our KittyCam

Fleur and her kittens have now been moved into the house, where they can be viewed on our Kittycam. She settled down immediately and began feeding her babies. She is one happy momma cat!

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Mar 25

Care of our puppies

Heronbank Cavaliers take great pride in our pedigree cavalier puppies. We take care to give them the very best start in life that we can.

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Nov 18

Smudge – Webcam

The webcam has now been installed in Smudge’s pen and can be viewed on our Kitten Cam, kindly installed by Nick from Urban Haze.

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Aug 04

Kennel cam now Operational

You can then select either the camera in the Dog Room or the one in the Kennels, or switch between the two

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Aug 03

New Webcam for Heronbank

Heronbank now has a new kennelcam. It is outside in the kennels and will show the cavaliers (if they are out) or otherwise Spirit.

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May 20


In particular we are impressed with our Webcam, which shows the development of our puppies to advantage, and even gave us a video of their birth recently, thanks again to Nick, who recorded proceedings remotely.

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Feb 17

New Cavalier Website

Our friends, Andrew and Jan at Hanaland Cavaliers are developing a new website, courtesy of Nick at Urbanhaze.

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Aug 30

What do you think of our new Dog-Bed?


We bought a new dog-bed last week which arrived the other day. It’s big enough for at least 4 spaniels – more, if they pile on top of each other as they normally do. This means little disruption when Manny and Toby come to stay towards the end of November. The other dog bed is …

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