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May 02

Skully: Looking for a new home.

Skully is a lovely black & tan bitch of 3 years old. She is neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, including Kennel Cough, and is up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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May 01

Skully is being Spayed today.

Neutering her will not only stop her breeding, but will also prevent a potentially life-threatening condition known as Pyrometra, which happens when bacteria enters the uterus when it is open during a season.

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Mar 04

Skully Mated to Drummer

We managed to mate Skully with Drummer last weekend. She has been mated on 2 seasons previously with no resulting pregnancy

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Feb 25

Skully is in season!

Skully is now in season. Having mated her in two previous seasons, to 2 different proven stud dogs, we have decided to mate her again to Drummer at the weekend.

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Sep 07

New home for Skully

Skully will learn about Wabbit hunting and Liver Cake and Icecream from her sisters, Olive and Lily.

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Sep 05

Skully – the Future

we have decided to sell Skully – a realistic decision as we are not getting any younger! It is a condition of sale that she will be spayed within 3 months.

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May 13

Planned litter in the Autumn

Honey will be next in line, due in season in June. We plan to mate her with Drummer.

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Mar 13

Skully Mated! – Update

she is no longer flirting with the other bitches and seems to have calmed down somewhat. This is a good indication that she may be pregnant, so I think we will skip the second mating (some stud dogs won’t mate a second time if the bitch is already pregnant).

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Mar 04

Skully has a boyfriend booked!

Skully is looking forward to meeting her boyfriend, a ruby boy, less than an hour’s drive from here, next Monday.

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Feb 28

Skully is now in Season

We plan to mate her to a Ruby boy who lives about 45 minutes away.

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