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Apr 25

Daisy needs a New Home

She is dog friendly, and people friendly. She is frightened of cats. She is in good health, neutered and will be vaccinated.

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Apr 03

2 older dogs for re-homing at Farplace

They are for re-homing together. They rely on each other. The are very sweet and very waggy.

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Mar 29

Rocky gets a New Name – “Hector”

Rocky has been given a new name ready for his New Life, as it was felt that Rocky sounded a bit confrontational and gave totally the wrong image. He is now called Hector.

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Mar 28

Rocky needs a New Home

He is being cared for at Farplace as an emergency measure, as he had been left outside for most of the winter, living with little shelter and little food since his owners split up last year. He is a husky cross, possible with mastiff or shepherd and is a friendly dog with humans, cats and other dogs

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Jan 20

Hooray! Sooty has a new home!

A chance e-mail from an old friend, Jan at Farplace, gave us hope. She would take him! Sooty changed with Jan into a much more accepting and laid back cat. The best we could hope for him was life in a barn, but the miracle we had been hoping for happened when Jan found him a domestic home. He’s now the companion to an elderly man, and an only pet. Purrfect!

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Jan 01

Guinea Pig Rescue

Anyone within travelling distance of Walsall in the Midlands who could get a guinea pig just until Friday when we are in the area, do message as we may need this urgently

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Nov 13

Elderly Abandoned Collie – Tribute

We have decided to name the repaired barn the BEAUTY BARN in Memory of the abandoned collie with terminal cancer.

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Oct 30

Elderly Abandoned Collie – Update

We stayed with her as the vet put her to sleep. We believe she was dumped because of her medical costs

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Oct 01

Elderly, terminally ill collie, abandoned on moors

A few days ago, we picked up a stray elderly collie from the moors.

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Sep 30

Feral Kittens Rescued by Farplace

4 grey short-haired, one tabby, and a black one. Hissy-spitty kitties at the moment, but young enough to tame.

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