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Jan 17

Meet Crystal …

Crystal is 10 years old. She was an ex breeding bitch for a puppy farm. She was rescued from there four years ago by a gentleman who sadly has now died. His carer sought help for her through Heronbank. I would have been surprised to find no health issues.

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Aug 31

Cyda Back in Hydrotherapy


Cyda has started in Hydrotherapy again after nearly 2 months off due in part to our holidays and in part to an infection she picked up at the site of her internal stitches following her Luxating Patella Operation, then she came into season! However, the rest seems to have done her good, as she managed …

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Aug 25

Cyda will be going for Hydrotherapy again soon

Following her Luxating Patella operation, Cyda has been going for Hydrotherapy at the Animal Rehabilitation Centre in Birchencliffe. She had a break when we were on holiday, then she got an infection in her knee where the internal stitches were, she was just getting over that when she came into season! She is now coming …

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Aug 08

Cyda and Hydrotherapy – postponed again …


Cyda’s hydrotherapy was scheduled for Tuesday morning, but again it has had to be postponed. This time it’s because she is in season!!! In fairness she is a little late.  Usually the first season after having a litter is 5 months, and thereafter 6 monthly, but she has gone over by about 2 weeks. Sometimes …

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Aug 04

Cyda not quite ready for Hydro-Therapy Yet

Following Cyda‘s knee infection at the site of her internal stitches for her Luxating Patella – see, she had completed her course of anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories, and seemed to be doing really well. However, when we took her to the Animal Rehabilitation Centre in Birchencliffe today, Vet Rhona checked her over and found a slight …

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Jul 30

Cyda’s knee problem – update

The first results from the swabs taken recently when Cyda‘s knee problem was X-Rayed have come back Negative for aerobic infection – see   So that’s good news.  We have to wait a few days more for the anaerobic infection results, but she seems to be very good in herself and is using the leg extremely well. …

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Jul 28

Cyda – Knee Problem

Cyda has a problem with her knee, at the site where her internal stitches were placed from her Luxating Patella operation, just under the skin.  See Vet and Hydrotherapist Rhona, at Donaldson’s Animal Rehab Centre at Birchencliffe spotted it when Cyda went for hydrotherapy on Monday.  Rhona ordered an X-Ray which confirmed that an infection had …

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Jun 27

Cyda is Back in Hydrotherapy

Cyda is fully recovered from her upset stomach and is back in hydrotherapy… looking for treats!!! httpv:// …  Anne

Jun 03

Cyda Rushed to the Vet

An emergency arose last night. Cyda had a bout of runny poo which was reddish brown – I gave her an antacid tablet from the Vet and waited.  We didn’t have to wait long – her next poo was like watered down blood and very runny. Pausing only to put the other cavaliers in the …

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May 25

Cavalier Cyda’s Hydrotherapy

Cavalier Cyda’s hydrotherapy at Donaldson’s Animal Rehabilitation Centre ( is progressing well.

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