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Lost Kitten

If any one in the White Lee area or Dale Lane area of Batley finds a little tabby kitten 6 months old

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Lost Cat found – Taz

I spotted her sitting on the wall of her new (adopted) home – nearly a mile down the main road near to where we now live. There is no doubt in my mind that this was her. This cat is a relative rarity and the chances of there being two in the same locality is remote to say the least.

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Missing cat – Guinness – Not Good News

She had been in a neighbours garage and had somehow dislodged a heavy tool kit, which had crushed one of her hind legs beyond repair.

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Lost Cat Returns Home – Soze (Sozay)

Some very good News.  Soze, the cat reported missing a week ago, has returned home, dehydrated, hungry and with Ticks, but otherwise OK. …  Anne

Missing cat – Guinness

There has been another report of a cat going missing in the Carlinghow area of Batley.  This time it is a black semi long haired female called Guinness. The previous cat has not yet been found as far as we know.  see It is not a pleasant thought, but 2 cats going missing from the …

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Lost Cat – Soze (Sozay)


Missing from the Carlinghow area of Batley.