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Jun 17

Barney – Update

He has been a real joy in the year we have had him!

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Dec 05

Cavalier Tess has her babies!

Our friends Andrew & Jan at Hanaland Cavaliers have a new litter, from Tess.  Andrew says: Tess had 3 pups last night.  All rubies. 2 girls and a boy, 10oz, 9oz and 9.5oz. Those are quite heavy for Cavalier babies.  I have known German shepherds have babies of 12oz! No pics as yet, but no …

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Nov 25

Early Delivery at Hanaland

Born 1 week early by C section, they are now feeding well and bonding with their mum, Poppy. They are all ruby, and are 3 boys and 1 girl.

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Sep 29

Skully’s Big Day ends in Disappointment

Soft lights, sweet music, chocolates and flowers, it had them all – well, apart from the chocolates that is.

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Aug 14

Plans to mate Skully next month

Skully has been eye checked by Kennel Club Approved Ophthalmic Vet David Habin, and has been certified “unaffected”. Also her heart is sound.

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Apr 29

Finally, the Day has Dawned …

Honey is a blenheim girl, related to our Heronbank Bloodline, and Ollie is a Tricolour boy. At around 8 months old now, we expect Honey to be in season soon, and no doubt Ollie will be more than keen to mate her. Curb your enthusiasm, little man, she’s too young!!!

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Apr 11

Heronbank goes back into tricolours and blenheims

Ollie is a lovely little tricolour boy and Honey is a nice blenheim girl whose pedigree goes back to the Heronbank bloodline. In due course, they will produce puppies of their own.

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Feb 07

Dogs in the Snow

Don’t know about your dogs but ours have given us such a laugh this weekend in the snow.
Whilst the older girls have seen it all and done it all before the new puppies have had a whale of a time.

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Jan 13

Caring for dogs with Arthritis

As we get older, we become painfully aware of the degeneration in our joints resulting in chronic pain and restricted joint movement, known as Arthritis. Dogs too can suffer from this disease, which can spoil their quality of life.

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Jan 06

Ant and Dec – update

They both continue to make excellent progress though we were a little concerned with Ant(ruby). He wasn’t standing on one of his rear legs and was quite content to drag it behind him. He is so large that we thought it was his weight and sure enough we were right. On Tuesday he started to walk properly and is now as mobile as his brother Dec.

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