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Nov 28

Mobile groomer for Heronbank

Grooming is important to keep them clean and healthy at any time of the year, particularly in winter when rock salt and grit are being used.

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Jul 25

Ask Anne …

During this time I have gained experience in the many different facets of dog ownership – Care, Feeding, Grooming, Exercise, Training, Breeding and much more.

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Jun 11

Spirit’s New Comb

She doesn’t seem to mind it in the slightest and although it will take time to work through all her coat, the sections I have done so far are not as bushy.

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Jun 01

Mobile Groomer of the Heronbank Pack

We have a local Mobile Groomer in from time to time to help bathe and groom the pack. It’s great! No soggy dog towels, no dog hairs! And the dogs are just a few yards away from home!

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Jul 31

Grooming for the Heronbank Pack

Kath came round the other day from Dogsbodies

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May 08

Spirit gets a trim

Here is my sister with Spirit after her summer trim.

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Mar 02

Dog grooming – Toby – Before and After

Our Dog Groomer, Kath from Dogsbodies visited yesterday to groom Spirit, trim and groom my sister’s dog, Toby, and bathe Fin.

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Oct 29

Mobile Dog Groomer

Dogsbodies, now serving dog owners in Birstall and the surrounding area

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Oct 29

Heronbank dogs are Looking Good

Our pack are looking clean and fresh after Kath from Dogsbodies came over the other day for a marathon grooming session.

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Oct 28

Cyda at the Groomers

Cyda was very good about her professional grooming experience.

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