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New Arbour for Heronbank

We have got a new Arbour for our back garden from our friends Sharon and Phil at Rosindales Limited.

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Sammy Sparrow – Chapter 6

The next chapter about Sammy the Sparrow written by Grandma for Children and those who haven’t grown up yet SAMMY SPARROW, CHAPTER 6v1 Sammy and his friends would love some new bird feeders – Grandma  

Sammy Sparrow – Chapter 5

Another chapter in Grandma’s book for Children and those who haven’t grown up yet. SAMMY SPARROW, CHAPTER 5v1 Sammy Sparrow and his friends would love some new nest boxes. – Grandma

Sammy Sparrow – Chapter 4

Another chapter in Grandma’s book about Sammy Sparrow, for Children and those who haven’t grown up yet. SAMMY SPARROW, CHAPTER 4v1 You could buy some really nice garden furniture to watch Sammy Sparrow and his friends. – Grandma

Pet Poo Loo Wormery!

An environmentally friendly way to turn dog poo into a great compost! Responsible dog owners will always clean up after their pet, but what do you do with the waste? The Tiger Wormery Pet Poo Loo is a great way to turn pet poo into great compost and a liquid fertiliser for your garden!  It comes …

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Christmas Gifts to help Wildlife

bird table

If anyone needs an inexpensive Christmas gift option which will give endless hours of pleasure and entertainment as well as helping our native wildlife, consider the following … .     Bird feeders. Bird tables. Nestboxes. Why not suggest that your family gives you one or more of these useful and delightful gifts for Christmas.  They will not only be helping …

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Feed Your Garden Birds this Winter – New Website

We all like to help our garden birds, particularly in a bad winter. A friend of mine, Phil Rosindale, has just got a new website for bird-tables, bird food, nest boxes, garden furniture and pretty well anything related to enjoying your garden. Check it out at Rosindales. …  Anne