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Feeding Raw – Part 1 – Why Real Meat?

Dogs have no flat teeth for grinding, they have teeth for chomping, and for ripping, and for crunching. But no flat teeth. Therefore they need a diet that matches their teeth. Pretty hard to chomp and tear and crunch through a tin of processed meat. Even kibble requires grinding, and dogs do not have the capability for that.

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Raw Feeding

I have a friend who raw feeds her dogs and she wouldn’t give them anything else. She is Kim from the Dogmum Bakery. Kim has turned canine nutrition into her life’s work, and will be writing some blogs for me on the subject.

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Special Treats for Special Dogs!

Absolutely everything on the shelves was chock full of ingredients that would make him ill. So I decided enough was enough, my lovely boy would get his treats, and I would make them.

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