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Dec 08

Tracking Collar

The collar works on GPS signal and has a SIM card installed in it. It has a weighted bottom which enables the tracking part to stay at the back of the dogs neck to receive a signal.

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Dec 06

ID Discs for dogs

please ensure they wear their collar at all times, even in the house, and that their disc is readable

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Nov 17

Life Threatening Chocolate

If you do think that your dog may have eaten some chocolate it is always best to get the vets advice as the severity can depend largely on the size of the dog and the amount it has eaten.

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Nov 07

In the dark days of winter …

In the dark days of winter, when a black dog can disappear in an instant, consider getting reflective coats for your dogs.
Consider also reflective collars.

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Nov 04

Bonfire Night. Dogs, Cats and Wildlife

With Bonfire night approaching fast, please check for frogs, hedgehogs and tortoises before you light it.
Dogs and cats can easily panic at the explosions around them, causing them to run until they can run no more, and become lost and very frightened.

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Jan 02


It is a good idea to ask your vet to scan your dogs once a year to ensure that the chip has not “migrated” or ceased to function.

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Jul 25

Ask Anne …

During this time I have gained experience in the many different facets of dog ownership – Care, Feeding, Grooming, Exercise, Training, Breeding and much more.

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Jul 15

Registering your dogs microchip

Many dogs are already microchipped, but are their details on the company’s database?

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May 28

Identify your Dog!

If you are buying a new puppy, buy an ID disc beforehand. If you are planning on moving home, get your dog’s new ID disc ahead of time, and put it on their collar, along with the old disc until after you have moved, then simply remove the old disc.

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Apr 29

New Dog Tags for Heronbank!

We have just ordered some new dog tags, deeply engraved on brass to replace our existing tags.

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