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Mar 18

First Aid Kit for Dogs

Take a moment to look around and fully assess the situation. For example, if your dog was hit by a car, don’t immediately rush out in traffic. You won’t do him any good if you end up in the hospital yourself.

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Mar 13

Road Accidents and Dogs

We all take sensible precautions about keeping our dogs safe, but sadly accidents can still happen.  In a contest between a road vehicle and a dog, unfortunately it is almost always the dog that comes off worst.

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Mar 01

In the dark days of winter

In the dark days of winter, when a black dog can disappear in an instant, consider getting reflective coats for your dogs.
Consider also reflective collars.

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Feb 14

Valentines danger for dogs

You never would have thought chocolate could be a dangerous poison to dogs, but it is!  This is unfortunate because dogs just love chocolate, no more so than my black and tan cavalier Florence who would do anything to try and get some!

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Feb 08

Check your dog’s collar

It is always wise to check your dog’s collar for a correct fit and for signs of wear.

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Feb 07

ID Tags for Dogs

Identification discs are a must, and should contain your name (not your dog’s name), address (not just the postcode) and your telephone number (your mobile number is a good idea if you are out searching for your pet) and also your vet’s number in case of accident.

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Feb 02

Tracking Collar

My friend Jemima, once mentioned that her black Labrador has an incredibly high prey drive and when she goes into tracking mode nothing else matters. Training goes out the window as she focusses on one thing and one thing only – the track she has picked up.

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Dec 08

Tracking Collar

The collar works on GPS signal and has a SIM card installed in it. It has a weighted bottom which enables the tracking part to stay at the back of the dogs neck to receive a signal.

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Dec 06

ID Discs for dogs

please ensure they wear their collar at all times, even in the house, and that their disc is readable

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Nov 17

Life Threatening Chocolate

If you do think that your dog may have eaten some chocolate it is always best to get the vets advice as the severity can depend largely on the size of the dog and the amount it has eaten.

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