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Mar 25

Care of our puppies

Heronbank Cavaliers take great pride in our pedigree cavalier puppies. We take care to give them the very best start in life that we can.

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Sep 14

Scamp’s Second Night at Heronbank

Last night was Scamp’s second night with us. Again I sprayed the bedding with Adaptil and closed the door of Scamp’s crate with all three blenheims inside,

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Feb 27

Cyda Hopefully Pregnant?

I know that it’s a bit early to tell, but Cyda was mated 8/9th February to Toby, and I’m as sure as I can be that she’s pregnant. She’s quite clingy and rests a lot “Pregnant Spaniels must Rest!” – then the next minute she leaps onto the window sill to bark as a passing dog!

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Jan 18

Dog Room Refurbishments at Heronbank – finished!

So today we have to buff up the tiles and wash the floor, then the dog bed, food and water etc can go back into the dog room ready for the webcam to go back on, and the dogs can have their room back tonight.

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Jan 17

Dog Room Refurbishments should be completed today.

The refurbishments to our dog room should hopefully be finished today. There have been numerous problems, partly because the dog room is actually 2 very small rooms and not least that the walls are not straight – no-where near!

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Jan 15

Heronbank Refurbishments – update

Having said that, out Tiler is doing a fantastic job. Our walls run far from true, but the tiles are looking good. The dogs are back home for the weekend – we shall have to see where they will be best when our tiler returns on Monday.

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Jan 09

Dog Room Refurbishments at Heronbank – Update

We thought that the two small rooms which make up the dog room would be a doddle. Not so! It would have been easier to decorate a medium sized room! John doesn’t do high any more and I can’t do low!

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Jan 08

Dog Room Refurbishments at Heronbank

We have decided that wall tiles would be a good idea too to make for easier washing down – and so stop successive litters pulling the flaking paint off the walls!

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