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Sep 20

Lola’s Health Check

Lola went to see our vet Andrew at Donaldson Vets in Mirfield yesterday morning.

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Nov 28

Mobile groomer for Heronbank

Grooming is important to keep them clean and healthy at any time of the year, particularly in winter when rock salt and grit are being used.

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Nov 17

Life Threatening Chocolate

If you do think that your dog may have eaten some chocolate it is always best to get the vets advice as the severity can depend largely on the size of the dog and the amount it has eaten.

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Jan 06

Insurance – Pros and Cons

It cannot be denied that good pet insurance does not come cheap but in my experience over the last forty years or so it is well worth it.

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Jan 03

Why Vaccinate?

Whether pedigree or mongrel, un-vaccinated dogs and young puppies are at risk from a number of diseases which can result in permanent health damage and even death. Regular vaccinations can prevent some of these diseases.

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Dec 15

Pyometra – Update on Honey

The pups are growing well as to can see from the photo comparison with their birth picture. They are chunky, firm, rounded little balls of contentment. Just how we like them!

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Dec 12


The early signs can be unnoticed following the birth of a litter as licking, discharge and not wanting to eat are common following birth, however we are hopeful we have spotted it early enough and Honey has had an antibiotic injection followed by a course of antibiotics and seems brighter.

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Sep 16

Allergies in Dogs

Adverse reactions to ingredients in the diet may well be one of the most common but least recognised causes of ill-health both in pets and humans.

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Aug 27

A Cautionary tale

I have recently had an on line conversation with a gentleman whose bitch had a problem which is all too often missed. He has kindly agreed to me including our conversation here to help other dog owners.

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Aug 04

Allergies in dogs

Our rescued Cavalier, Fin, has multiple allergies. He is the worst case that our vet has seen! I have opened this page so that owners of dogs with allergies and share their experiences and things which have worked for them.

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