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Sep 12

Good Night with Lola

We had a reasonably good night with Lola despite the fact that she only came in yesterday afternoon.   She knows basic commands like Sit and is willing to please.   She gets on well with the other dogs but is more focussed on humans.   Anyone interested in adopting lola should contact us   … …

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Dec 28

Happy Honey

She and her daughter Hettie have been trotting about in the garden enjoying the smells of winter and visiting the cats.

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Dec 08

Tracking Collar

The collar works on GPS signal and has a SIM card installed in it. It has a weighted bottom which enables the tracking part to stay at the back of the dogs neck to receive a signal.

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Nov 06

How do you stop your dog pulling?

Food treats can be used effectively to keep your puppy by your side. Keep the leash loose at all times. Stopping and starting, changing direction, treating and praising all help to encourage puppy to walk by your side. Lengthen the gap between treats, but always reward your puppy for stopping next to you.

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Jun 08

Toby: New Home Needed

He is a very sociable little dog who loves people and other dogs, and is fine with cats.

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Dec 27

Honey’s Puppies’ Feeding Feast

Here is a short video of Honeys puppies starting to feed. IMG_1705  

Aug 21

Inbreeding problems

I have a brother and sister from the same litter. Am I right in thinking that there is no need to get them neutered, coz they wouldn’t breed with each other, would they?

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Jul 25

Ask Anne …

During this time I have gained experience in the many different facets of dog ownership – Care, Feeding, Grooming, Exercise, Training, Breeding and much more.

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Jun 19

Special dogs needing New Homes

Kai and Daisy were used by their owners as bait dogs. They are therefore reactive to other dogs and need a dog free home.

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May 25

Testimonial from Step In Pet Services

With Heronbank Cavaliers, like myself animal welfare comes first. Their fur kids are a pleasure to be around and are always in great spirits and fab condition. I would recommend Anne and John to anyone who wants a Pedigree Cavalier Puppy, your baby will have had the best start in life and Grandma and Grandad Fairless will be at the end of phone line 24/7 should you have any worries with your new addition.

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