fleur, cookie and felixWe have a number of un-neutered tomcats in the area, unwittingly attracted by the lady next door who breeds cats. They are full of testosterone and territorial behaviour, and of course my neutered cats will defend their territory. Scuffles break out from time to time, but fortunately injuries have been rare – until last week when Cookie got a very nasty abscess on his head as the result of a cat bite, and needed surgery to drain it. I don’t want any of the cats to get hurt, particularly mine, hence we are cat proofing the dog pens to allow the cats a large, safe day area.


Whisper the KittenBiscuit & CookieWe have bought all the materials and yesterday afternoon we completed half of one of the apexes. It took us 2 hours, and was really hard work. It isn’t going to be done any time soon, but we will work on it until it is finished. Once one pen is fixed, the cats can be moved.  They may not appreciate being restricted, but they will at least be safe.

We can work on the other pens until they are all done. That will give us options.

…  Anne