kitten foodThere is a family of two cats and their kittens living rough behind some houses on the Heckmondwyke road. The mother is tabby and white and will allow handling. The male is long haired and will also accept human company, although he is in a bad way. It looks like he is infested with fleas and is covered with lacerations and scabs where he has scratched himself raw. He is also badly matted. He also has a limp in his back leg, possibly caused by a kick. The kittens are very wild and may be around 8 weeks old. We have plans to trap them humanely (when we can borrow a trap) and take the male straight to a vet, who will assess his condition and treat anything that is treatable. The mother and kittens will be treated for fleas and worms and will go into our spare pen to be socialised and cared for. I will let you know their progress.

ps. We think mum is pregnant again!

The family that have been feeding them have given kindly us some kitten food and wormer. Any help that anyone can give, in the form of food, donations, blankets, cat medications, etc will be gratefully appreciated.

…  Anne