step in

Step in

Sometimes it is impossible to take your pet away on your long-awaited and hard-earned holiday.  So what can you do to make their separation from you as kind as possible. ivermectin for chickens in water  Whether you ask a family member or friend to care for your beloved pet, or whether you seek the professional help of a boarding kennel or pet-sitter, like Kate at Step In,  your pet may become stressed when you are away.

The DAP (Dog Appeasment Pheromone), now known as Adaptil, spray or plug in diffuser is excellent for calming unsettled or stressed dogs.  It releases pheromones into the room, and although odourless to you, will have an amazing effect on calming your dog at times of stress.



A more extreme case is Toby who suffers from Separation Anxiety when my sister Janet is not with him.  He whines constantly and works up to a howl if his behaviour not addressed. wait time between ivermectin treatments for alpacas  Whilst Toby has to accept that Janet cannot be his constant companion, we try to make his times of separation as pleasant as possible. Distraction techniques when Janet leaves, eg being taken into the back garden or given his favourite chew, do help, but he waits for her to return, looking out of the window from his vantage point on the back of the settee.

We have seen a big improvement in Toby’s behaviour recently, when Janet is on holiday, as he now sleeps with the other cavaliers in the dog-room or kitchen. ivermectina dosis adultos piojos

…  Anne