Jun 25

Rainbow Bridge Funeral Services

Rainbow Bridge Funeral Services
offers a simple, natural
pet funeral service,
tailored to your own needs.


I have experienced the devastating loss of a pet so therefore I understand some of your grief.  This service has evolved through my losses and other life changing experiences .

Whether your pet has been or is being buried or cremated Rainbow Bridge Funeral Services can offer a non denominational, personalised, respectful and friendly service in your own home,  whatever the species of animal.

When a pet dies, we’re often left with a devastating feeling of loss. There’s a giant pet-shaped hole in our heart, and if your pet was the only pet you had, the sound of the silence in your home can be deafening after they cross over.  If you have other pets, there will be a shift in the pet hierarchy. Submissive pets may become dominant and quiet pets may become more vocal as they re-establish their place in the home.  Pets can grieve just as we do for their lost companions even if they are of a different species.

Although your heart will hurt, you may like to recognize and mark your pet’s passing with a short service or by saying a few prayers as a way of bidding your animal companion farewell.

Adjustments, can be made to my service, based upon what sort of pet you had, the manner of their death, and your personal preferences.  I can offer a service in which all family members can participate.

I make no charge for this service but a donation is required to cover costs.

Why not Contact Us at Heronbank to discuss your needs.


As the Rainbow offers sunshine after the rain

The Rainbow Bridge offers hope that you will be

Reunited with your beloved pet.

Coping with Loss

If you’ve lost your dog, cat or other animal – whether it was sudden and traumatic, or following a long illness – it can be hard to cope.

The most important thing to remember is that grief takes time. You will always miss your companion, but things will get better.  At first, there will be more bad days than good. Then, you will find that the bad and good days are even.  Soon, you will have fewer bad days, and it will be easier to focus on the happy memories with less sadness.

Sometimes you may see a sign that your pet has reached Rainbow Bridge safely.  A feather, a bird, a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye, a certain smell …

If you wish to put their story and pictures on our Remembrances page we would be pleased to read them and there is also a link to a pet bereavement counsellor if you feel you are unable to move on from here.

Rainbow Bridge Poem

Jun 22

Hettie and Honey are Neutered

Honey and HettieWe recently took the decision to have both Hettie and Honey neutered.

This will help prevent health problems like pyrometra and mammary tumours as they get older

They have come through the operation well and will now live their lives as much loved pets.


Jun 22

RIP Spirit

spirit - downWith heavy hearts we had to bid a tearful farewell to our border collie, Spirit recently. She collapsed in our back garden and we rushed her to the emergency vets, knowing we would not be bringing her home. Thank you to our neighbour Andrea for helping to get her in and out of the car.
She apparently had a tumour on her spleen which had burst. There was no option but to put her painlessly to sleep.
I trained her 12 years ago to platinum standard in Good Citizens and John really bonded with her in later years.
She adored the cats, both our own and Rescue and she always kept the spaniels in check.
She was a firm favourite with our visitors and enjoyed getting a fuss from them all.
RIP our sweet girl. There will never be another quite like you.

Mar 10

Crystal operation: update

IMG_4396Crystal sadly had to be put to sleep this morning. She was refusing food and vomiting. Andrew our vet said she was a very sick little dog and it would be kindest to let her go.
We have had quite a bit of expense one way and another with the vets visits, antibiotics, and tests.
We had raised some money for her, hoping to give her a luxating patella operation which would have given her a more active retirement but sadly this was not to be. If anyone would like their donation returning then please message me and it will be done. Otherwise the money will hopefully pay for the treatment she had in our care and should there be any surplus it will be used for other animals in need. X

Mar 05

Operation for Crystal: Update

IMG_4396Crystal is doing well and has lost some weight of late.  About a kg in all.

She has more to lose of course before she can have her much needed Cruciate ligament operation.

Donations can be made using the Donate button on our website.

Please donate what you can. Small donations all add up towards a more mobile and pain free retirement for Crystal

Feb 08

Cheap wood chip cat litter – Buy yours now!

wood chip litterHeronbank have some cheap wood pellet cat litter available for sale at £6.50 for one bag or three bags for £18.

It is the 30L / 15kg size which is very similar to the ones sold in pet supermarkets at a higher price!

This can also be used in the wood burning stoves as a fuel!

Buy yours now!

Collection from Huddersfield, Wakefield or Batley.

Feb 06

Operation for Crystal

IMG_4396Crystal as rescued after being a breeding bitch on a puppy farm for many years.  These years of forced continual breeding have taken their toll on Crystal and her puppies have sucked a lot of calcium out of her which has resulted in a severe cruciate ligament problem which needs an operation.
We have opened a Go Fund Me to help pay for Crystal’s cruciate ligament operation,

Alternatively you can donate through the Donate button through Paypal

Please contribute what you can afford to give Crystal more mobility.
Lets give her a healthier, pain free, more mobile retirement.


Jan 17

Meet Crystal …

IMG_4396Crystal is 10 years old. She was an ex breeding bitch for a puppy farm.  She was rescued from there four years ago by a gentleman who sadly has now died.  His carer sought help for her through Heronbank.  I would have been surprised to find no health issues.

She is a very portly lady weighing in at 13.8 kg who has had too many treats and not enough exercise.  I can totally appreciate why Crystal’s owner over compensated for her previous bad experience on the puppy farm but she has to go on a diet for her health’s sake.

 She has a slight heart murmur which our vet would grade as a 2 out of 5  which does not require medication at this stage.  Once she has lost some weight and started to exercise more her heart murmur should improve somewhat.

 She also has a luxating patella on her right rear leg  which will need surgery costume £1000 – money which we do not have.  Please give what you can by donating through Paypal on donations@heronbank.co.uk using the family and friends option please and quoting Crystal’s operation or through Gofundme  For the moment she is on painkillers, diet and exercise and her progress will be reviewed after a week.

 She has been wormed and flea treated, although in fairness no fleas were found on her.

 Watch this space and follow Crystal’s progress!

…  Anne

Sep 20

Lola’s Health Check

lola1lola3Lola went to see our vet Andrew at Donaldson Vets in Mirfield yesterday morning.

She is chipped, vaccinated to August 17, neutered, flea and worm treated.

Lola is was born in December 2014..

She has a clean bill of health and is ready to go.

Please contact us if you can give the lovely Lola a good home.

She will make someone a cracking pet.

Adoption fee and home check applies.

… Anne


Sep 12

Good Night with Lola

We had a reasonably good night with lola2Lola despite the fact that she only came in yesterday afternoon.


She knows basic commands like Sit and is willing to please.


She gets on well with the other dogs but is more focussed on humans.


Anyone interested in adopting lola should contact us


…  Anne


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