Some behavioural problems can be easily solved by feeding the right dog food, and dramatic results can often be seen in 2 – 3 weeks.

Burns food
 was created and developed to help with health problems, both physical and mental.  There is a growing recognition that bad behaviour is linked to incorrect diet.  This is true for pets as well as children.  It is likely that many cases of abnormal behaviour are caused by undiagnosed allergy or intolerance to food ingredients.

I recently met a lady whose daughter got a staffi puppy which she no longer wanted, and so mum ended up with the puppy, who by this time was out of control and hyper, and mum didn’t want to keep him. I went to visit her, and sure enough the dog was bouncing off the walls and was chewing everything from floor coverings to doors, table and chairs!. I asked what she fed the puppy, and basically she was feeding him on whatever was on offer at the supermarket! I asked her to check the contents list on the side of the packet, and sure enough, colourings, flavourings and additives featured high on the list. She was concerned that it would be expensive switching to Burns, but she was persuaded to do so. Within less than 2 weeks, he was much calmer and the owner said no way would she part with him! She has recently been back for her second pack of Burns and says she wouldn’t feed him on anything else!

His chewing issues are basically down to boredom, so I have referred her to my friend Katie who is a behaviourist.

Burns food is obtainable from Heronbank