We recently adopted a female rescue King Charles Cavalier, Tilly. Tilly formally was not well cared for. Tilly is overweight at 24 pounds. Our problem is she refuses to go on walks she will walk on a leash to go to the bathroom, but no walks. Tilly is deaf and spent the last 7 years in a crate and was found in an animal trap. I do not know if she is afraid?? or just does not want to walk?.

Thank you for any suggestions.


  1. Hi


    This cavalier in NOT the one in question.

    Thank you for adopting Tilly, she deserves to have a better life after all she has been through.

    Firstly put her on a good quality dog food with around 18% protein and no colourings, flavourings, yeast, additives etc.. Feed the correct amount recommended for a cavalier of an ideal weight. This can be split into 2 smaller meals. No treats, unless you take them from her food ration.

    Get her checked out by a vet and see if she needs a dental. Get her ears checked out too as infection may have caused her deafness but this may be reversible.

    Dogs who are kept in confined spaces for prolonged periods can become institutionalised and only feel secure in a small area. Try taking her for short walks only whilst she is comfortable, over the same ground and back again on a regular basis and then gradually increase the walks by a few yards per day. Don’t push her beyond what she is comfortable with, but do this several times a day.

    Do let me know how Tilly goes on with this, and please get in touch again if you have any other concerns.

    Please note: This dog now has a good home.


    …. Anne