We currently have one beautiful 5 year old male King Charles Cavalier and recently decided to bring home an 11 week old King Charles Cavalier female (Black and Tan).

She has only been with us for a couple of days however our 5 year old does not want to play with her and keeps trying to avoid her at all costs. He will occasionally sniff her but that’s about it. I don’t really understand this as when we take him out for walks he loves meeting other dogs, which is part of the reason we thought he would love an addition.

I don’t know what to do or how to make him enjoy having a young one around.


  1. Hi

    Skully - DownThank you for your question.
    Two days is nowhere near enough time for your 5 year old boy to accept a youngster. As far as he knows, she is a usurper, an intruder! Just because he loves meeting dogs on neutral territory doesn’t mean he will accept one in his home-territory, especially a puppy who will want to play, run round madly, jump on him … and all he wants is a quiet life with a few walks for good measure.
    However, all is not lost. They can be introduced properly. Do not force your male to sit next to, cuddle up to, play with your new puppy. Always give him a way out, his own space eg a chair to jump on when puppy is around. Do not allow puppy to chase / jump on him. Do not feed them together.
    He may, given time, accept her, or he may not. One of my sister’s cavaliers never did like puppies, and a lady I know tried to introduce a young puppy to her bitch, who kept attacking the puppy.
    You may succeed given time, but do not rush things.
    … Anne