I have a 7 year old Blenheim Cavalier Bitch. She is entire but has
never had a litter. A couple of years ago she became deaf (totally –
she cannot hear at all). It is fair to say she seems to prefer people
to dogs as she has not really mixed with many dogs during her life.
She has the most beautiful nature and is much loved.

In your experience would introducing a puppy into the home be a bad thing to
do for her quality of life or is it possible that it would be
enriched. Would the sex of the puppy affect the decision.

Thanks for your time.
Kind Regards.

  1. Hi Alan, and thank you for your enquiry.

    I would hesitate at introducing a puppy, for a couple of reasons.

    She is deaf — therefore cannot hear the puppy coming. When puppy jumps on her, as puppies do, she may react. I had a border collie who became deaf, and the first I realised was when I touched him when asleep — and he bit me — something which he would never normally do. Even the most docile dogs may react this way, and a puppy has no defence.

    You say she prefers people to dogs. She may not welcome an intrusion into her territory.

    However, if you really want to introduce another cavalier, then I would suggest an adult. Introduce them outside on neutral territory and walk them together before bringing them home and you have the beginnings of a pack. The new dog will be aware of her deafness quite quickly and may even, over time, become her “ears”.

    You asked if the sex of the incomer would be a consideration. Males can be a little more dominant, but I have a neutered male with my females and he is fine — apart from thinking he is a stud dog when they are in season!

    On a different note, you mention that she is entire. Older bitches who are not speyed can get mammory tumours. My advice would be to have her neutered at the earliest opportunity for health reasons.

    I hope this is of help

    … Anne