Fin soon after arrival

Allergies in dogs can cause hair loss, flaky and itchy skin, behavioural problems, biting and chewing causing self mutilation. reddening of the skin, eye infections, ear infections and other symptoms.

Fin had the lot!

The only reliable way to know for sure what your dog is allergic to is to have a blood test done. This is expensive but in my opinion, having  had a severely allergic rescue spaniel ourselves, (pictured opposite) it is well worth it as potential allergens can then be eliminated from the environment as far as possible.



Once we had an idea of what he was allergic to we stood a chance of relieving at least some of his discomfort.


The list of his allergies covered:

Factors in his environment e.g. grasses, pollen, dust etc,

Foods eg Maize, beef, lamb, chicken, egg, yeast, colourings, flavourings etc

He was pretty much allergic to life itself!


We eliminated as many of the allergens as we could from his environment, exercising him on concreted or paved surfaces, damp dusting in the house and keeping him off carpets and soft furnishings and we switched his diet completely to raw fish and vegetables. Our wonderful homeopathist, the late Charles Barrett, created a barrage of medications which we could use to rebuild his damaged immune system and to fight his allergies.


The result was immediate but progress was slow, but improve he did.  (see the picture on the right)

He lived until February 2016 and his last few years were good ones.

RIP lovely Fin, you taught me a lot and I am pleased we were able to restore some of your quality of life x