Our “Adie Adventure” started in May when I called Anne to ask if she had a little ruby girl for sale and the rest is history. Adie is the first dog I’ve ever owned so I knew I’d need some guidance and help and that’s exactly what I’ve had from Anne and John from day one. In fact we’ve been in touch several times in the past few weeks as Adie came into her first season at six months. Anne has allayed many fears and it’s been great to be able to ask someone who knows! Adie is a beautiful, good-natured, happy dog and as far as I’m concerned that’s entirely down to good breeding, love and attention from day one. Buying Adie has been a fantastic experience and I would say to anyone thinking about buying a new dog from Anne and John that it’s not just a new dog you will gain but also two safe pairs of hands to turn to when you need them.