Heronbank Pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

The name Heronbank is our Affix and all cavaliers bred by us bear this name.  Historically we used to walk our dogs on the banks of the river Torne, near Doncaster, where herons flew and fished.

We bought our first Pedigree Cavalier, Brymarden Florabunda of Heronbank, “Bryony” was purchased in 1990 and produced some stunning puppies including Heronbank Amethyst Angel’s Affinity “Amy” born in early 1993.

Although Amy was a real scatterbrain – she would chase birds over the fields – and only come back if the birds flew in our direction! – she did, however produce some lovely babies including Heronbank Celestial Comet “Comet”, a beautiful tricolour, born in 1994 and Heronbank Fascination “Winston” born in 1996, who became the foundation of our bloodline, and his litter sister Heronbank Enigma, “Chelsea” who in turn produced Blenheim, Heronbank Charisma “Carys” born 1998.

We moved to West Yorkshire in 1998 to a property overlooking Dewsbury moor and the Pennines beyond.  Here we built our kennels and bred some superb cavaliers, of whom we are justifiably proud.  Through selective breeding from healthy stock, we established our bloodline.

Comet produced some gorgeous puppies, including Heronbank Zenith “Zen” our first tricolour stud.  He consistently sired good puppies.  Zen was cared for by friends Mike & Lesley who played a major part in Zen’s show and stud career.  He achieved 2 “thirds” at Championship shows – Blackpool 2001 and The Ladies Kennel Club show in Birmingham 2002. We are grateful for the substantial part they have played in his upbringing until his untimely death in 2010.

Winston and Carys soon became an item and produced stunning puppies.

Carys was a natural mother who liked nothing better than caring for her puppies.  She once produced a litter of 8 with minimal intervention from us and reared them all successfully.  She would jump out of her bed, produce a puppy, clean it up and carry it back into bed.  She did this with all her puppies and one of the few bitches that I would allow to do so.

Winston and Carys were parents to Heronbank Easter Joy, “Joy” a Blenheim born in 2002.  Winston retired in 2003 and lived in the Isle of Man until his death in 2007.

Heronbank Manannan Beg, (manx gaelic for “Little Neptune”) “Manny” was born in 2001.  Sired by Timsar Master Travis, Manny was an excellent stud for us until his recent retirement and his sad death in January 2012.  He was cared for by Anne’s sister and loved walking by the river and in the local orchard and fields.  When he was younger, he did some agility training  –  Cavaliers are not noted for their Agility abilities, but clearly Manny enjoyed it.  Here’s a video of him in training.

Joy was the mother of Joys Final Fling “Toby”.

Toby was totally devoted to Anne’s sister, Janet, with whom he lived, and loved his long walks in the fields and by the river. “Toby” followed grandpa Manny in the noble art of Stud Work.

Our whole-colour line

We branched out into whole-colours when we bred our first black & tan stud, Heronbank Perfection “Merlin” in 2002.

Merlin was sired by Salador Celtino.  His mother was ruby girl Honey Harvester of Heronbank – “Honey”, Daughter of Winston.  She had such an adorable temperament and made a lovely mother.



His daughters included Heronbank Amber Amethyst, “Amber” a ruby girl, born 2003 to Joy.  Amber was bouncy and bubbly. She loved being around people and demanded attention.  She retired in 2007 and sadly died in 2009.   Another daughter was Petalface Velvet Rosebud of Heronbank“Rosie”, a  black and tan girl born in 2005.  Rosie was a superb mother to her puppies and has now retired and moved to Loughborough.




We moved again in 2006 to a bungalow on the outskirts of Batley to care for an ageing parent.  We had to downsize our dog breeding considerably to do this but we do continue to breed quality Pedigree cavaliers in a small way. Sired by Heronbank Jazzy Jasper of Bekehren,  Rosie’s daughter, Heronbank Harvest Harmony “Cyda”, a pretty black and tan girl, will carry on the Heronbank name.




Honey with Drummer

honeys pups at 10 days oldHoney and Drummer joined Heronbank in 2012, bringing the party-colour line back to Heronbank.

They had their first litter of 5 gorgeous puppies in October 2013